How to managing menus in the page builder?

To begin, please access the administrator area of your website by typing "/administrator" after your website's address and logging in.

Next, scroll down and lick on 'Page Builder', see below: 

Next, Click on 'Menus', to access the menu panel in the builder. 

Please follow the view below for more about menu setting. 

Click on a menu item to open a panel with further options. Add an image or subtitle and define the dropdown appearance. To edit the menu item in Joomla, scroll to the bottom and click the Edit Menu Item button. It will open a modal with the Edit Menu Item view from Joomla. A Delete button is also available in the upper right corner of the modal.

Add an icon or an image to your menu item. Instead of using a custom image, add an icon from the UIkit icon library to your menu item.

Hide the menu item title and only show the image or icon.

There is an option to split a long list of subitems into multiple columns. Alternatively, create a mega menu with the page builder to have more control over the appearance of the dropdown.

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