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Did you know we monitor the time we spend on the job? You can see it and question it. Making our business more transparent today than yesterday only helps create trust between companies. 

How does this work?

Our Business Priority Support offers a post-paid monthly support package with discounted rates. This package includes scheduled support with a response time of four hours, available from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. At the end of each month, you will be charged for the service usage, which will be fully itemized to help you manage your support time more efficiently and make informed decisions.

If you are a Business Support user, you will now get a detailed report:

  • Time, 
  • Dates, 
  • Ticket title, 
  • Time spent, 
  • A note from our team on what was done.

You can view this by clicking My Accounts > Business Priority Support > Click on your Support Package.

On the support screen, you will find a menu called Support Time Tracking, itemising what we've been working on.

How does it work?

The system will itemise the time used so you can make better decisions on how your hard-earned cash is managed. If you are not using your support hours, you can see this and make an informed decision to reduce your monthly expenditure with us.

We have two types of support: Business Priority Support & Pay As You Go

1) Business Priority Support: Customized & Timely

    • Monthly packages with discounted rates.
    • Scheduled support with 4-hour response (Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm).
    • Detailed monthly billing for better management.

If you are a Business Support 60 plan user or above, our overage cost is now £5 cheaper per hour, which is another way we are working to save our clients money! This means that on a monthly hour support plan, you’ll pay £5 less per hour even when you exceed your monthly limit! If you do, this will be itemised as an invoice for you to pay.

2.) Pay As You Go: Flexibility & Savings

    • Pay for support as you need it.
    • Bulk buying offers a 5% discount.
    • Response time ASAP.

Choose the support that fits your pace and budget.


What if I don't have a Support Plan?

We are here to help you even if you don't have a support plan. Our system will generate an invoice based on our standard hourly rate, and we will keep track of the time spent resolving the issue with great care. In case we find out that the issue is due to a bug, we will provide you with comprehensive documentation of the problem and credit the time back to your account.


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